Former Winchendon police officer accused of stealing from union

Dr. Q

The Telegram & Gazette reports:

A former Winchendon police officer is expected to be arraigned Dec. 4 on a charge that he stole from the Winchendon Police Association’s funds.

The former officer, Martin J. Rose, who served as president of the police union in Winchendon, has been charged by State Police working for District Attorney Joseph Early Jr.’s office with larceny over $250. He is charged with withdrawing $6,331 from the police association’s accounts between July 7, 2010, and Aug. 2, 2013. A summons was issued in Winchendon District Court for him to appear for arraignment Dec. 4.

Mr. Rose, a police officer in Winchendon for nine years, resigned Aug. 27. State police were called in by Winchendon Police Chief Scott Livingston on Sept. 20 to investigate discrepancies in the association’s funds. State Police investigator Sgt. James S. Nanof said Mr. Rose admitted the misuse of the funds when he was interviewed about the missing money.

Mr. Rose admits he took the money, but said in an interview Friday he borrowed it to pay for food for his children and heat in his home.

“I can tell you right now the money’s been paid back,” he said, adding that the Police Association has not accepted the payment. He said the check is in the possession of State Police.

This case is quite similar to one going on in Northborough where another police officer was indicted after allegedly stealing from his union while serving as its president.

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