October 22 anti-police brutality rally at Lynn City Hall

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For years now, October 22 has been set as the “National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation,” a day when people gather around to country to hold grassroots rallies to protest police violence in their communities. I attended one such rally in Lynn, Massachusetts where family members of Denis Reynoso and their supporters gathered outside the Lynn City Hall.

Reynoso was an Iraq war veteran who was shot to death in his own home by Lynn police officers who entered without a warrant. Police have claimed that they shot Reynoso in self-defense after he tried to grab a police officer’s weapon.

The investigation into the shooting is being handled by the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, but the family has called for an independent investigation.

At the October 22 rally, people gathered outside city hall. After a while, an open mic (and later, a bullhorn) was set up. A number of people talked about Denis Reynoso while others recounted their own personal experiences. I recorded most of the speeches, but I made an amateurish mistake and ended up losing my video. A number of other people were recording the speeches, so I’ll post links to their videos if they are shared online.

There was also a rally for Reynoso on October 5 which I reported on. At that rally, protesters first gathered at the Lynn Commons then marched to the police station. Reynoso’s wife Jessica Spinney entered the police station and handed in a petition asking for an independent investigation and changes to the Lynn Police Department’s use-of-force policies.

The Daily Item reports that Lynn Police Chief Kevin Coppinger has said that “If anyone else wants to come in and look at this [the shooting] — a legitimate entity or agency — you will have our full cooperation. We have nothing to hide.” However, James Lamanna, the attorney for the city, has refused to share records about the shooting with the family’s attorney, Howard Friedman. Lamanna told the Item that the DA advised him not to disclose the records yet.

You can sign an online petition calling on Lynn Mayor Judith Kennedy and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to provide an independent investigation of the Denis Reynoso shooting here.

Below, you can see some photos I took at the rally.






You can see a few additional photographs here.

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