Rally for Denis Reynoso — Iraq war vet killed by the Lynn police

Dr. Q

On September 5 of this year, police entered the home of Iraq war veteran Denis Reynoso in Lynn, Massachusetts without a warrant and shot him to death. The police have said little about the shooting, but claimed that Reynoso was shot because he tried to grab a police officer’s gun. The shooting investigation is currently being handled by the Essex County District Attorney’s Office.

On October 5, exactly one month after the shooting, family members of Reynoso and their supporters gathered in Lynn to demand an independent investigation of the shooting. The protest began at the Lynn Commons where several people gave speeches criticizing the Lynn police. After the speeches ended, we all marched to the Lynn Police Station. Jessica Spinney, Denis Reynoso’s wife, entered the police station to hand in a petition calling for an independent investigation and changes to the Lynn Police Department’s use-of-force policies.

After Jessica left the police station, the protest continued on for some time. Many of the protesters eventually began marching a second time. I heard they were marching to the church the family attends, but I left the protest at this point.

I took dozens of photos at the protest and shot some video as well.

You can sign an online petition here calling on Lynn Mayor Judith Kennedy and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to provide an independent investigation of the Denis Reynoso shooting.

Raw videos:

The mainstream media’s reporting on the shooting:

Boston Globe:

Lynn Daily Item:

Lynn Journal:

Fox 25:


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