Nov 1 2013

Natick police officer arrested for allegedly assaulting girlfriend

Dr. Q

The MetroWest Daily News reports:

A Natick Police officer arrested Thursday and charged with beating his girlfriend is on leave from the department, authorities said.

Sean David Munger, 32, pleaded not guilty to a single charge of assault and battery at his Framingham District Court arraignment Thursday.

Prosecutor Rachel Perlman said police went to Dartmouth Street around 2:30 a.m. for a report of a dispute and were greeted by Munger’s 23-year-old girlfriend. She had several bruises on her face, swollen areas and a two-inch abrasion on her face, the prosecutor said.

The woman said Munger had hit her. She told police he had gotten on top of her and punched her twice on each side of her face, before she fled the home and began knocking on neighbors’ doors for about a half hour before someone let her in to call police, Perlman said.

The woman told police Munger had hit her in the past, but she never reported it. She also told police “she feared she would be killed by this defendant,” Perlman said.

Perlman asked Judge Robert Greco to hold Munger, of Dartmouth Street, on $500 bail, order him to turn over any firearms and to stay away and not contact the victim.

She said police had already taken away Munger’s gun and license to carry.

Munger’s lawyer, Charles Kelley, argued bail was not necessary. He said Munger has been a police officer in town for six years, was a graduate of Natick High School and was not a flight risk.

Munger also denied the allegations, Kelley said.

“He’s not going anywhere,” said Kelley. “He plans on contesting the charges.”

Greco released Munger without bail. He ordered Munger to not contact and to stay away from the victim and to turn over all firearms to the police department.

In a statement, Natick Police said, “The matter is currently under investigation and one involving personnel decisions. Officer Munger is presently on administrative leave.”

Greco said the case will be transferred from Framingham District Court to another court because Munger frequently testifies during hearings and trials in Framingham.

Munger is due back in court on Dec. 4 for a pretrial conference.