Videos from the International Day of Privacy protest

Dr. Q
BRIC (Photo by KT)

BRIC (Photo by KT)

Yesterday, a group of activists held a small “International Day of Privacy” protest outside the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC), the state’s “fusion center” in Boston. If you’re not familiar with the BRIC, I recommend checking out Chris Faraone’s recent piece in Dig Boston which offers some background.

The protest was organized by KT (the first speaker in the first video below), the same person who uploaded the videos of herself being harassed by court employees and police while protesting in Salem. Luckily, there was no police harassment at this protest. KT told me (via Twitter) that the police “stayed in their nice climate controlled fusion center.”

One of the attendees uploaded some videos of other protesters giving speeches. I’ve embedded them below so you know check them out:

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