“Wiretapping” charge against Beau Davis dropped

Dr. Q

In late August, I wrote about how Beau Davis of Liberty On Tour was charged with “wiretapping” by the Greenfield police. When I wrote that post, I was cynical and noted my belief that Beau’s charge would likely go to trial. Luckily, it turns out that I was wrong.

Earlier today, Beau explained on Facebook that his charge was dropped:

So, for those of you who were wondering what happened with the wiretapping arraignment in Greenfield, MA yesterday, the district attorney Jeffrey A. Bengston has decided not to pursue the wiretapping charges due specifically to the decision on Simon Glik’s case.

The Simon Glik case mentioned by Beau is, of course, the case recently covered by Massachusetts Cop Block in which a federal court ruled that there is a well-established right to openly record police in Massachusetts and that police can be sued for violating that right.

It’s great news that Beau’s charge was dropped before going to trial. Hopefully now the Greenfield police will think twice about using frivolous “wiretapping” charges to punish people who record them.

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