Wiretapping cases

This page was created to help Massachusetts residents understand the state’s wiretapping statute and how it applies to encounters with police officers.


Below is a collection of cases in which individuals were accused of violating the Massachusetts wiretapping statute for recording police officers. The cases are listed in chronological order. The list is intended to be as comprehensive as possible, but may be missing some cases.

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Year Defendant(s) Description Status of criminal case Status of lawsuit (if applicable)
1998 Michael Hyde Abington police arrest Hyde after he brought a recording of a traffic stop to the police station to file a complaint Convicted
2002 Jeffrey Manzelli Boston MBTA police charge Manzelli with wiretapping for trying to interview them with a tape recorder at an anti-war protest Convicted
2006 Mary Jean State police threaten to charge Jean with wiretapping if she doesn’t remove video of them performing warrantless search from the internet Charges never filed Court grants injunction against police
2006 Peter Lowney Boston University police arrest Lowney for recording them at protest Convicted
2007 Simon Glik Boston police arrest Glik for using cell phone to record drug arrest on the Boston Common Charges dismissed Lawsuit settled
2007 Emily Peyton Greenfield police arrest Peyton for recording them at anti-war protest Charges dismissed
2008 Mark Hynes Boston police arrest Hynes for recording them at police station while waiting for a friend to finish filing an incident report Unknown
2008 Jon Surmacz Boston police arrest Surmacz for recording them break up holiday party in Brighton Charges dismissed
2009 Maury Paulino Boston police officers beat, pepper spray, and arrest Paulino for recording friend’s arrest Charges dismissed or result in acquittal Lawsuit settled
2010 Eli Damon Hadley police charge bicyclist Damon for recording traffic stop with helmet-mounted camera Charges dismissed
2010 Adam Mueller & Pete Eyre Greenfield police arrest Mueller and Eyre for recording themselves trying to bail a friend out of jail Acquitted
2011 Tyrisha Greene Springfield officer Michael Sedergren files an application for a criminal complaint accusing Greene of wiretapping for recording a police beating Charges never filed
2011 Robert Mansfield Whitman police arrest Robert Mansfield after he brought a recording of a traffic stop to the police station to ask the police to drop a citation he had been issued Trial pending
2011 Beau Davis Greenfield police charge Davis with wiretapping for unspecified reasons Charges dropped
2011 Chelsea Orr Cohasset police charge Orr with wiretapping for recording them after they arrested her for drunk driving Acquitted
2012 Irving Espinosa-Rodrigue Shrewsbury police arrest Espinosa-Rodrigue after a video of him instructing a female passenger to secretly record a traffic stop is uploaded to YouTube Trial pending