Irving Espinosa-Rodrigue

In July, 2012, Irving Espinosa-Rodrigue was pulled over on Route 9 by and cited for speeding by Shrewsbury police officer Vincent Scanlon. According to police, Espinosa-Rodrigue argued with the officer during the stop, claiming he couldn’t have been speeding because he was using cruise control. The officer gave a sarcastic reply, saying “Yeah, like I’ve got nothing better to do than to stop you.”

Shortly after the incident, a video depicting the traffic stop — titled “Shrewsbury Police Bad Cops” — was uploaded to YouTube. The begeinning of the video reportedly showed Espinosa-Rodrigue instructing a female passenger on how to use the recording device. The video is no longer hosted on YouTube.

Police charged Espinosa-Rodrigue with wiretapping, claiming that the recording was made in secret.

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