Mark Hynes

Very little is known about the case of Mark Hynes. The only publicly available information about the case was found in a police blotter from Wicked Local:

Police-cam, streaming live

Mark Hynes, 24, of 44 Chappie St., Charlestown, was arrested after he allegedly took pictures of police officers without their permission on Sept. 27. Reports stated that at 3:30 a.m., the suspect was waiting for a friend to finish filing an incident report, and officers asked him to sit down because he kept interrupting the process. The suspect reportedly refused, saying he had the right to stand wherever he wanted. The suspect then allegedly began taking pictures of the officers and said, “It is live streaming to my home computer” to officers when told that they did not want their pictures taken. The suspect was charged with disorderly conduct and violating the law regarding videotaping without consent of both parties.

This report is confusing. It claims that Hynes was charged with “violating the law regarding videotaping without consent of both parties,” however, no such law exists in Massachusetts. The law being eluded to is probably the Massachusetts wiretapping statute which makes it illegal to secretly audio-record others.

Based on Wicked Local report, it sounds as though Hynes was falsely arrested since there was no secret about the fact that he was recording the officers.

The outcome of the case is unknown.

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